RealStone's Glacial Till Granite products are known for their premium quality and wide range of colors. Whether your project calls for cobble stone, splitface, or thin veneer pavers, every stone is carefully fabricated based on your needs including shapes, color and size.


Our stones come in a variety of shapes that our skilled fabricators can cut to fit your project’s specifications. We provide natural and custom shapes including but not limited to:

After the stone is cut and split to thickness, the stone is left in its natural, irregular shape.
squaresandrectanglesSquares & Rectangles
After the stone is cut and split to thickness, depending on the product, the stone is cut or split a second time into squares and rectangles.


Our variety of surface textures lets you choose the feeling you want for your specific needs. From natural and rough split surfaces, to smooth and textured finishes, RealStone has the right materials to provide the desired feel you’re looking for.

Stone is cut with special saws that leave a smooth and flat surface.
As granite flooring, texturing gives a slip-resistant finish that meets ADA requirements.  As wall treatment, texturing adds a dimension not found in other stone products.  Both of these textured applications leave the stone with a rough but uniform finish.


Granite is an igneous (formed naturally from lava) rock that is composed of varying blends of minerals, including: Feldspar (50% or greater), Quartz (25-40%), Mica (3-10%). It’s this unique blend of minerals that adds to the variation in color and texture of each granite deposit. The flowing veins and speckles of the various minerals create unique color variations in each stone which is what many people find to be the most compelling reason for using our granite products.

Full Blend
Natural Granite fieldstone with a wide variety of natural colors including: earth tones, greys, tans, browns, beiges.

Dark Blend
Natural Granite fieldstone sorted into darker color shades including darker greys, browns, blacks.
Light Blend
Natural Granite fieldstone sorted into light color categories including lighter greys. tans, and browns.
Varied Grey
Natural Granite featuring a primarily dark and light grey blend with black, red, and beige accents.
Custom Blends
We have custom blends and special purchase stone colors available. Please call (218) 694-6207 for more information.


Every natural stone is a unique piece of the Earth with it's own individual characteristics. While extremely durable and timeless, stones need to be periodically cared for. When the work is completed, protect your investment with a cleaner and sealer recommended by your local dealer.